Private Classes & Group Lessons

We understand that not everyone can make pre-assigned dates, or may be uncomfortable learning a topic like firearm safety and use in a classroom with strangers. For this reason, we offer private classes and group lessons which you schedule with us. This can be one-on-one time or a group of friends and family with a maximum size of ten people unless otherwise arranged.

Some important notes:

  • Classes will still follow the teaching guidelines and regulations outlined in the standard, scheduled course time.
  • Pricing is negotiable depending on group size, date, times, distance, and other factors, though will start at the standard class rate.
  • It is suggested to have a group of at least four students.
  • If you have a range you prefer to use, then the course cannot cover range fees there.

To request more information about Private Classes & Group Lessons, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.