SureShot Cincy LLC is a privately owned and operated limited-liability corporation in the State of Ohio. Although it offers NRA-level courses, it is not affiliated with the NRA in any official capacity – the owners, operators, and staff are not NRA employees, and the NRA does not attend or conduct the classes that we offer. The courses are conducted by an NRA Certified Instructor.

SureShot Cincy LLC is not a Firearms Manufacturer, Firearms Distributor, or retailer of any firearm related merchandise, nor do we have an FFL license. In addition, SureShot Cincy LLC cannot provide legal information, support, or suggestions. We hold no responsibility for actions outside of the course and are not liable for actions taken before, during, or after training that go against training materials and instructor direction.

It is up to you to know the laws in your state and local jurisdiction. Only applicants that are legally able to own and operate a firearm are allowed to participate in courses. At any time, SureShot Cincy LLC representatives may eject you from the course. By participating in the course, certification is not guaranteed. Should you be ejected from the course or not qualify for certification, a refund will not be issued. View our policy on refunds in our Rules & Regulations page.