Rules & Regulations

Requirements for Course Registration

  • Must be 21+ to attend any course and provide official documentation (i.e. Driver’s License) on the day of the course.
  • Students must be legally eligible to purchase and own a firearm in their state of residence. It is up to you to know the law – further information on your state’s particular firearm laws can be found on the NRA-ILA page here.
  • All students must read, sign, and return a student waiver before participation.

Registration & Course Time

  • The entire course will be approximately eight hours with a brief break for lunch. Depending on the group size, this may include range time. The classes will not be split into multiple sessions.
  • Food and drinks will not be provided, but will be available for order at your expense. Alternatively, you may bring your own meal.
  • Instructor has the right to eject any student or participant from the course for any reason. In such cases, a refund will not be issued.
  • Instructor has the right to refuse certification for any student or participant, despite attendance or proficiency.
  • Course attendance does not guarantee certification.

Firearms & Range

  • No personal firearms or live ammunition are allowed in the classroom.
  • Personal firearms are allowed on the specified range portion of the course. These firearms must remain secure and unloaded until inspected and cleared by Instructor.
    • If you choose to use a personal firearm for the range portion of the course, it is subject to a safety inspection before firing.¬†It is recommended you bring your own ammunition, though we will have 9mm and .22lr caliber rounds available for purchase.
  • Loaner firearms will be available for the range portion of the course.
    • Ammunition will be supplied for loaned firearms.
    • See our Equipment page to help decide which borrowed firearm is right for you.
  • Loaner eye and ear protection will be available for the range portion of the course free of charge. You are welcome to bring your own – however, both ear and eye protection must be present.
    • Ear Protection: Over-the-ear protection is recommended, but in-ear foam inserts are acceptable. We will provide in-ear foam inserts as needed.
    • Eye Protection: Sunglasses or regular glasses for vision are acceptable. We will provide clear range safety glasses as needed.

Payment & Refund Policy

  • A $50 non-refundable¬†deposit is required during registration, with the remainder of the course fee due by the beginning of the course.
  • If you choose to pay the full course amount during registration but need to cancel before the class, you will be refunded the amount (minus the deposit) within 2 to 4 business days.
  • Once the course begins, refunds cannot be issued.
  • By taking the course, you are not guaranteed certification. At any time, the instructor reserves the right to remove you from the class. In such cases, no refund will be issued.
    • Typical reasons for removal include (but are not limited to): major safety violations, negligence, poor attitude, disruptive or abusive behavior, and failure to comply with instructor directions.